Group Classes Currently Offered

Location: Northridge, CA

Basic Obedience 6 Week Course, Saturdays, 11 am-12 pm, June 22-July 27, 2019

Street Obedience 6 Week Course, Saturdays, 12pm-1pm, June 22-July 27, 2019

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Your Class of Choice

Pup-Luck Parties!

Host a simple no-dog seminar, a single training topic class or a series of classes in the privacy of your home with your friends and family. Make it a potluck gathering, a wine-tasting party, whatever you prefer. The host always shares in the fees collected. If you’re interested in hosting a Pup-Luck Party in your home or neighborhood or if you’re a Rescue Group that would like some continuing education for your volunteers, contact Tanya at or submit an inquiry under “Contact”.

Pack Leadership 101 (Seminar)

A three hour seminar where you will learn about pack leadership and basic dog ethology so that you may resolve typical anxiety and aggression issues and enhance any training your dog has or shall have in the future.  Great value for an introduction into everything you need to learn about what your dog needs to feel safe and loved by you.


Basic  Obedience (In-Home & Group Class)

Taught with pack leadership and clicker training, this class teaches the foundation of building the dogs' obedience with duration, distance, and distractions using verbal cues and hand signals.  Includes the skills of sit, stay, down, crate training, feet up/off, and heel with left and right switches.


Behavioral Programs (In-Home)

A specific program applying the S.T.A.R. method tailored to the dogs' needs and the owners' goals after a free in-home assessment with Tanya.  The various issues can include dog-on-dog aggression, people or food aggression, excessive barking, chewing, territorial behavior, integration of a new pet or a child into the pack.  It is recommended that the owner also take the Pack Leadership 101 Seminar. 

Good Dog Training is not cheap!

Kazzi Dog Training understands that reliable knowledge that lasts a lifetime, saving a dog owner and their dog unnecessary stress is invaluable. By far, Kazzi Dog Training is not the most expensive dog training service in Los Angeles, it is also not the easiest fit for all budgets.

Did you know that Kazzi Dog Training will work with you, setting up reasonable payments that you determine and have it easily set up in recurring monthly payments on a credit card of your choice…even after your lessons are completed. If you ever need to change those payments because of circumstances, just let us know and we’ll be happy to work something out with you.

We don’t want price to keep you from enjoying your life with your dog. Kazzi Dog Training cares as much about the owners as they do the dogs. So shoot us an email. We will gladly set up an assessment appointment to meet and great and get a price quote for you.




Intermediate Obedience  (In-Home & Group Class)

Builds on the basics of sit, stay, and down.  Heel is fine-tuned to include body language for preventing and overcoming distractions, desensitizing to distractions, and/or overcoming fears.  Teaches "place" and "leave it".  The group class, known as "Street Obedience",  also includes the distractions of a cat and skateboard.  The in-home training will include the foundations of distance training.


Canine Good Citizen Test Preparation (In-Home)

Lessons tailored to fit the obedience level of the dog and prepare him/her for the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test.  A practice test is administered towards the end of training to assess and evaluate progress.  Please note that the AKC administers the test itself which is not included in this program.


Movie Tricks I & II (Group Class)

Confidence-building behaviors used in film & TV that will impress your friends and help the owners be better trainers.  The foundations for learning to nudge, bow, and circle among other fun behaviors are taught to enable success with duration, distance and distractions.  Training includes following both hand signals and verbal cues.




Master Distraction (In-Home & Group Class)

Tackles phobias and introduces different types of distractions from noises, movements, and positions to prepare your dog to overcome anything new as quickly as possible and to address specific phobias.


Dog Park Training (In-Home)

Dog and owner are well versed on leash training through distractions.  Tanya will take dog and owner to a dog park and teach the owner how to introduce their dog properly in the park environment and how to assess the energy levels of the various packs and stay in charge of interactions while off-leash.


TDI / Therapy Dog International (In-Home)

Lessons are tailored to fit the obedience level of the dog.  This program builds on the behavior learned in the Canine Good Citizen test and extends to higher levels of performance.  A practice test will be given towards the end to evaluate training.  Note that the Therapy Dog International test is administered by TDI and is not part of this program.